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Recently, I decided to take a deep dive into some of the larger productivity apps on the market. As a user, I’m interested in productivity, especially where it converges with psychology and mental health. Also, I’m always looking to develop my skills in UX, design, and product management. Someday, I may even launch a similar app of my own.

Last week, I downloaded ten productivity apps and spent some time with each one. These were Avocation, Fabulous, Focus To-Do, Forest, Google Tasks, Habio, MinimaList, Thought Diary, and Todoist. …

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Michael Schur is on a roll. Since working as a writer and producer on The Office, he created the almost-as-popular Parks and Recreation and the mysteriously under-the-radar Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Thirteen years of comedic progression has included a gradual return to convention and away from the mockumentary style of the The Office. During this period, one-dimensional archetypes were also traded in for nuance, and increasingly dynamic relationships between characters emerged.

Each of these comedies has its strengths and weaknesses. While The Office adapted Ricky Gervais’ uncomfortable humor to Americans through a more palatable vessel, it faltered during the final seasons, grappling…

I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life is the fourth LP released by art pop group Tune-Yards. The band consists of Merrill Garbus, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and Nate Brenner, co-writer, producer, and bass guitarist. Tune-Yards’ music is characterized by sticky, almost nonsensical rhythms. Digging deeper yields troubling messages and imagery. I would describe Tune-Yards’ music as less “pop” and more “modern take on the nursery rhyme”. It is unassuming and unsettling.

I came into this album as a fan of Tune-Yards, but admittedly not their deeper cuts. I’d given dozens of listens to each of the more up-beat…

On Friday, September 15th, Open Mike Eagle dropped his new project, Brick Body Kids Still Daydream. Michael “Open Mike” Eagle is a rapper and producer who hails from Chicago, Illinois and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He was brought up in the lyrical dojo of Project Blowed, an open mic workshop, and he trained under the guidance of the Hellfyre Club, an independent record label. With these connections, he honed his abilities with other underground legends like Milo, Nocando, and Busdriver.

In the past, he’s called his flavor of underground hip-hop “Art Rap”. In his 2010 track, “Unapologetic”, he…

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Aspiring web designer and developer. Freelance writer. Optimist. Hit-or-miss sense of humor.

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